SkillCorner is a fashionable start-up in the world of football. The company collects sports data 100% automatically from a simple professional match video.

UI Design

Feb 2019

Image Projet

The project

Redesign of the SkillCorner site, the project aims to be very immersive and animated in order to represent the technological aspect of the product. The simplicity of the interface makes it possible to explain step by step the functionality of the tool.

Image Projet Image Projet

Product redesign

Review of the graphical aspect of the visualization tool. The objective is to modernize and represent the new brand identity while adapting to the technical constraints of the tool and the different formats that can be integrated on customer sites.

Image Projet


Project carried out in collaboration with Black Pizza agency as part of my work-study program at Hétic in the 2nd year of the Web Bachelor’s degree.

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